About Us

About Heart Punch Studio

Greg McCleary founded Heart Punch Studio with the goal of providing a collaborative, creative, and cost effective approach to sound for picture. We began our partnership with both local and national directors and producers in 1987.

The year 2001 brought Heart Punch to its current location in Boston’s vibrant Allston neighborhood.

Whether an eight part series for broadcast or a small feature short, we scale to your needs.

To this day, Heart Punch embraces every project – offering solutions and options to make your production sound its best.

Greg McCleary

Re-recording Mixer, Owner

Greg McCleary's life in audio began at the age of ten with a small tape recorder. Fascinated by his newfound ability to record family conversations and TV shows, he was hooked. After graduating from the Massachusetts College of Art, McCleary spent his early career in the trenches as a location sound recordist. He opened Heart Punch Studio in 1987. A three time Emmy nominee and a Jackson Hole Wild Life Film Festival winner, Greg believes collaboration with all members of a production team is essential. No film is just about one specific craft - it is always the sum of all the players.

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