Located in Boston’s Allston neighborhood, Heart Punch Studio has been providing
award-winning audio post-production services since 1987.


If you toss a bunch of ingredients onto a kitchen table and ask five different cooks to make a meal, you will get five different dining experiences.

There is no "one way" to mix a film, but after decades of working on hundreds and hundreds of projects, we know how to make your sound track pop. And we listen. Not just to our sound design or problem production audio... we listen to you.

So whether your production needs a delicate hand or an "in your face" mix, give us a call and hear what Heart Punch can do for you.

5.1 Surround Sound

Heart Punch has been mixing in 5.1 Surround since 2000.The opportunity to envelop listeners in a 360º field of dynamic audio is rich with the kind of creative possibilities we love. Even with the advent of ATMOS, the spatial audio system, 5.1 surround remains still the most common and affordable choice. And for filmmakers screening their work as a DCP (digital cinema package – the industry standard), 5.1 surround is native. Every month we handcraft re-master stereo films to 5.1 -- no “black box” convertors used at Heart Punch. For advice and a quote, contact us.

Sound Design

While the spoken word delivers information to a viewer’s brain, sound design goes straight to their heart. At Heart Punch, we enhance this connection by developing highly crafted soundscapes that will transport audiences wherever you want them to go -- outer space, war zones, the natural world, urban landscapes, fantasy worlds -- you name it, we can do it. Starting with the bare bones of production audio, we design multi-dimensional acoustic worlds with layers of ambiences, FX, and Foley. It is precisely because of sound design's non-verbal nature that audio engages the imagination so effectively.

Narration Record

From birth, humans are hyper-attuned to the nuance of voice, equipped to hear the subtlest cues in a speaker’s tone and timbre. At Heart Punch, we believe recording the human voice is an art.

For decades, the standard isolation booth design has been a room stuffed with sound absorbing materials to provide a "dead” environment. The problem with this approach is that it robs the voice of its natural brilliance and sheen, rendering a track that sounds lifeless and flat.

Our booth's acoustic architecture breaks from this design and relies instead on a combination of reflective and absorbing surfaces that let the voice retain all its natural resonance while still providing a neutral environment.

Audio Restoration

At Heart Punch, we’ve been successfully repairing unacceptable audio for many years -- digging the good audio out and pushing the bad audio back. Our toolbox includes notch filtering, parametric equalization, selective audio limiting, and digital noise reduction software, such as De-Click, De-Crackle, De-Noise, De-Hum, and Spectral Repair. Of course all the tools in the world won't help without technique and experience. If you'd like to hear what could be done with a sample of your compromised audio, contact us.